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Online Mathematics Access

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This wiki is an open discussion about the support for mathematics on Web 2.0 and social networking sites. It contains background material for weekly online meeting organised by Maria Droujkova. Some of Maria's questions are in the Discussions section, and you are invited to add your opinions as comments. The page "Status of Online Support for Mathematics Discussions" is a draft summary of the situation, and is open for collaborative editing. This wiki is public. If you wish to modify it or add your opinion or information to it, please request access. In case of access difficulty, send an email to colin dot mcallister at ymail.com, or contact Support at Wikispaces.

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Colin McAllister, 24th July, 2009.

New Contributors:
Bob Mathews has added his advice on Posting Math to Wikispaces
C. Armstrong has added the page Posting Math to Wikispaces , and updated Computer Algebra Systems.

Twitter Discussion and Hashtags
#mathmarkup, for LaTeX, MathML and related topics about mathematics markup.

Related hashtags:
#mathchat, for weekly online meeting at 2am GMT every Thursday, or 9am Thursday in Malaysia, which is 9pm Wednesday, USA Eastern Time.
#math, general mathematics tag. Also search for "maths", using a search tool such as http://www.twitscoop.com/.

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